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Register an Application with eSigner’s CSC API

Time needed: 15 minutes

These instructions will show you how to register an application for use with eSigner’s CSC API and retrieve the Application ID and Application Secret values.

  1. Login to your account.

    First, navigate to https://login.ssl.com and enter your SSL.com login credentials. If you are using the SSL.com sandbox for testing the API, log into https://oauth-sandbox.ssl.com instead.
    login form

  2. Click Manage Applications.

    Select the Manage Applications tab.
    Manage Applications tab

  3. Click Create Application

    Click the Create Application button.
    Create Application button

  4. Enter application information

    Fill in the form as follows:

    Application Name: A unique name for your application.
    Redirect URIs: Apps that will be integrated with eSigner via the web must have a valid redirect URI that redirects back to your server. Note that redirect URIs must begin with https://. (HTTP URIs are not permitted and will not be saved.) If you are using the password grant type (for example, to test the API form the command line) you may enter urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob as the redirect URI.
    Confidential: Check this box if your app is server side and the secret can be stored securely. If it is client side (such as a native mobile or web app), do not check this box.
    Scopes: Fill in the word “service.”

    Click the Submit Details button when you are finished filling out the form.
    Create Application form

  5. Finished!

    You will now be able to use your new Application ID and Application Secret in eSigner CSC API requests.
    Application ID and secret

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