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SSL.com’s Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program

Unlock the Revenue Potential of PKI, Cloud Signing and Digital Trust Services with SSL.com

Unlock the Revenue Potential Power of PKI, Cloud Signing and Digital Trust Services with SSL.com

SSL.com Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program is designed for customers who require a high volume of certificates and would like to benefit from wholesale pricing with discounts of up to 65%. This program is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to partner with SSL.com in offering publicly trusted digital certificates to their customers, as well as those needing to purchase certificates in volume for packaged solutions or in-house use.


Who Should Become an SSL.com Reseller / Volume Purchasing Partner?

The SSL.com Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program is suitable for a wide range of customers, including:

Web hosting providers managing SSL/TLS certificates for multiple customers with diverse needs and technical skill levels.

Software developers integrating trusted certificates into their applications, enhancing security for users while generating additional revenue.

Companies and organizations purchasing S/MIME, client authentication, document signing, and code signing certificates for large staffs.

Systems integration and IT contractors securing large numbers of endpoints across corporate networks.

Domain registrars seeking to offer the added security of SSL/TLS certificates alongside their primary products.

Merchants looking to expand their product lines with a comprehensive range of publicly trusted digital certificates from SSL.com.

In essence, any SSL.com customer who needs to purchase certificates in quantity can benefit from the wholesale pricing offered through this program.

Benefits of the SSL.com Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program

The SSL.com Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program offers several key benefits:

  • Easily purchase multiple certificates with significant discounts
  • Issue discounted certificates in bulk with our certificate lifecycle API and automation protocols such as ACME
  • Pre-validate all individuals in an entire organization with our bulk ordering pre-validation agreements
  • Access real-time processing status information for each certificate
  • Generate historical reports on certificate purchases
  • Manage and pre-load account funds
  • Centrally manage certificate orders, roles and teams through our account portal
  • Option to receive dedicated account management from an SSL.com team member
  • Custom-Branded Issuing CA

    Issue Custom Branded Certificates With SSL.com’s PKI

    With a custom-branded issuing certificate authority (CA) (also known as a subordinate CA), signed and hosted by SSL.com, your company or organization can leverage our technology and expertise to issue publicly trusted X.509 end entity certificates with your company’s name as the issuer without having to invest in PKI infrastructure and staff. This includes a position in SSL.com’s PKI hierarchy chained to SSL.com’s trusted root.

    We can also provide assistance with CA-related services, such as:

  • Authoring your own Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Statement (CP/CPS)
  • Designing and conducting an official issuing key generation ceremony
  • Architecting custom PKI solutions for specific use cases
  • SSL.com’s facilities and processes undergo regular reviews, testing, and rigorous annual external audits to maintain our WebTrust certifications and ensure your peace of mind.

    How the Program Works

    Existing SSL.com customers can upgrade their accounts to enroll in the Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program, or new accounts can be created specifically for this purpose. Customers are assigned to pricing tiers based on the needs of organizations of different sizes, with each tier requiring an initial deposit that can be applied toward purchasing certificates at a discount.

    Pricing Tiers:

    Tier Recommended For Deposit Amount Discount
    1 Individuals, “pay as you go” $0.00 None
    2 Professionals, DBAs, contractors $200.00 ~20% off
    3 Small to medium-sized businesses $1,000.00 ~25% off
    4 Large businesses $5,000.00 ~30% off
    5 Enterprise organizations $20,000.00 ~40% off
    6 Enterprise organizations $35,000.00 ~50% off
    7 Enterprise organizations $50,000.00 ~65% off

    It’s important to note that the initial deposit does not need to be maintained; customers will continue receiving the discount associated with their tier even after the deposit has been spent. As purchasing volume increases, customers may move into higher tiers at any time, resulting in lower costs for volume purchasers and increased profitability for resellers.

    API Access

    Participants in the Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program can also take advantage of SSL.com’s SSL Web Services (SWS) API. This allows for the creation of custom scripts to automate processes such as ordering, validation, and rekeying, as well as extracting information for account management purposes. The SWS API also supports ACME automation for seamless certificate issuance and management. Use of the SWS API is complimentary for Reseller and Volume Purchasing partners.

    Sandbox Environment

    To facilitate integration testing and development, SSL.com provides a sandbox environment that mirrors the functionality of the production SWS API. This allows partners to safely test their scripts and integrations without impacting live data or consuming actual resources. The sandbox environment is available to all Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program participants at no additional cost.

    Joining the Program

    For detailed instructions on upgrading an existing customer account to a reseller/volume purchasing account or creating a new account for this purpose, please refer to our comprehensive how-to guide or start here.

    You may also reach out to a member of our reseller onboarding team at sales@ssl.com or complete the form below.

    If you have any questions about SSL.com’s Reseller and Volume Purchasing Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at Support@SSL.com, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or click the chat link at the bottom right of this page. You can also find answers to many common support questions in our knowledgebase.

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