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Understanding Certificate Authorities

Certificate authorities (CAs) are critical in securing online communications and identities. A certificate authority (CA), also sometimes referred to as a certification authority, is a company or organization that acts to validate the identities of entities (such as websites, email addresses, companies, or individual persons) and bind them to cryptographic
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How to Choose the Right Digital Signature Solution for Your Business

The widespread adoption of remote work and paperless workflows has accelerated the need for secure digital document signing. Implementing the right e-signature solution can significantly streamline signing processes while ensuring legal validity and compliance.   However, with a dizzying array of providers in the market, selecting the best digital signature service
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Verified Mark Certificates: A Powerful Tool for Enterprise Email Security and Brand Reputation

Email remains the predominant communication channel for businesses worldwide. However, serious threats like phishing, spoofing, and brand impersonation continue to plague enterprise inboxes. Fraudulent business email scams have caused massive financial losses for organizations. Plus, employees waste significant time on suspicious emails. This lack of email integrity and trust is
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What Is Certificate Pinning?

Certificate pinning is a security mechanism used in the context of authenticating client-server connections, particularly in the context of secure communication over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) or other TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. Its primary purpose is to enhance the security of the connection by mitigating the risk of
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PKI and IoT: A Comprehensive Guide to Internet of Things Device Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly evolved over the past decade, with billions of connected devices now deployed in homes, vehicles, utilities, factories, and cities. This massive expansion of the IoT landscape brings tremendous benefits yet also creates significant cybersecurity risks. Hackers or cyber criminals can potentially access insecure
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What is SSL/TLS: An In-Depth Guide

This guide provides an in-depth overview of SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security) – cryptographic protocols enabling secure internet communication. We will explain how SSL and TLS encrypt data and protect authenticated internet connections and browsing. What is SSL/TLS? SSL/TLS uses certificates to establish an encrypted link between
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What is SSL/TLS?

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