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Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates

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Code Signing Certificates

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Software developers digitally sign their software programs, apps, and drivers, with code signing certificates to prevent tampering or compromise of applications by unauthorized parties.

These digital certificates are especially useful in applications that are distributed through the Internet, where applications can pass through a number of suspicious parties or websites before it finally gets downloaded and installed.

Unsigned applications can easily be altered to include malware or viruses, and these untrusted applications will display warning messages resulting in lower installation yields. A code signing certificate issued from a trusted Certificate Authority such as SSL.com can prevent all of those problems.

Code signing certificates can be enrolled to SSL.com eSigner cloud code signing service which lets you conveniently add globally trusted digital signatures and timestamps to your software code from anywhere, with no need for USB tokens, HSMs, or other special hardware.

Why should you have your code signed?

Displays "Signed by Your Company Name" on installer screen

Trusted on all versions of Windows

Prevents untrusted warning messages

High assurance Organization Validated (OV)

Unlimited rekeys and reprocesses (for soft keys)

30 Day Unconditional Refund

Organization Validation (OV) Code Signing Certificate

The SSL.com OV Code Signing Certificate is suitable for organizations like software publishing companies who wish to sign their software applications with an organization’s validated identity. The OV code signing certificate works best for teams that sign with a shared organizational identity.

Personal Identity Code Signing Certificate

The Personal Identity or Individual Validation (IV) Code Signing Certificate applies digital signatures with a validated personal name instead of an organization, perfect for independent software developers and individual project contributors who wish to increase confidence and trust from their users.

As an SSL.com customer, you now have the option to enroll your order for expedited processing and shipping. For only $200, this service allows your order to be prioritized at the top of the queue for review and issuance and shipped through the fastest available method.

In compliance with the CA/Browser Forum’s new key storage requirements for code signing certificates, starting on November 15 2022, SSL.com’s Organization Validation (OV) and Individual Validation (IV) Code Signing Certificates will only be issued either on Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS 140-2) USB tokens or through our eSigner cloud signing service.

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