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Import a Certificate into Microsoft Azure Key Vault

Time needed: 15 minutes

These instructions will show you how to import a PKCS#12 file containing a certificate and private key into Azure Key Vault. This method is appropriate for SSL/TLS and standard (OV/IV) code signing certificates. These instructions do not apply to EV code signing and document signing certificates, which require hardware-protected private keys. You will need to create a Key Vault in your Azure account before using this how-to.

  1. Select Key Vault.

    Sign into the Azure portal and select the key vault where you wish to install your certificate.
    Select Key Vault

  2. Open certificates settings.

    Select Certificates in the right-hand Settings menu.
    Certificates link

  3. Click Generate/Import.

    Click the Generate/Import link to begin the import process.

  4. Select Import.

    Select Import from the Method of Certificate Creation menu.
    Select Import

  5. Enter certificate name.

    Enter a unique name for the certificate in the Certificate Name field. The name must contain only alphanumeric characters and dashes.
    Enter certificate name

  6. Upload certificate.

    Click the folder icon and browse for the PKCS#12 certificate file you want to install. Note that Azure requires the extension .pfx for PKCS#12 uploads, so you will need to change the extension from .p12 to .pfx for files downloaded from SSL.com.
    Upload certificate file

  7. Enter PKCS#12 password.

    Enter the password for the PKCS#12 file. If you downloaded the file from SSL.com, this is the password you created when you generated and retrieved the certificate.
    Enter password

  8. Click Create.

    Click the Create button to import the certificate.
    Click Create button

  9. Finished!

    The certificate and private key are now imported into Key Vault and are available for use.
    Certificate in key vault

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