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Business Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing Certificate

Business Identity Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing Certificate

Secure Email and Document Signing with Organization and Personal Identity Authentication

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Signed and encrypted email, trusted digital signatures, and identity validation and authentication

SSL.com’s Business Identity Certificate may be delivered or installed on a secure YubiKey FIPS 140.2 validated USB token with two-factor authentication, and may also be enrolled in eSigner, SSL.com’s cloud-based document and code signing platform. Features include:

  • Digital Signatures for Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office
    • Trusted worldwide, SSL.com’s Business Identity Certificates offer guarantees of authenticity, integrity, and legal non-repudiation for signed digital documents, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office.
    • Complies with the U.S. Federal ESIGN act and laws of many other nations, making digitally signed documents legally binding worldwide.
  • Secure S/MIME Email
    • Exchange digitally signed and encrypted emails between any number of recipients, including group threads.
    • Signed messages display the signer’s name and company information for improved identification of who’s really sending the email, preventing phishing attacks.
    • Strong encryption keeps your messages safe from prying eyes.
  • Client Authentication and Single Sign-On
    • Log into any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with your YubiKey and PIN.
    • Web application login with mutual SSL/TLS authentication.
  • eSigner Cloud Signing
    • eSigner Express web application lets you securely sign documents from any internet-connected device.
    • Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) API allows developers to easily integrate document signing capabilities with apps and automation scripts using a standard cloud signing interface.

Read more about these features in this detailed blog post. Email encryption requires separate OV S/MIME certificate, included with order.

  • If you have purchased a Business Identity certificate from SSL.com and would like to enroll it in eSigner, please visit the main eSigner page for pricing information. Please read this how-to for eSigner enrollment instructions.
  • If you already own a YubiKey FIPS that you would like to install Business certificates on, please read our how-to on YubiKey attestation.
  • If you have another FIPS 140-2 Level 2-validated device or cloud HSM service you would like to use, please fill out our HSM attestation request form.

As an SSL.com customer, you now have the option to enroll your order for expedited processing and shipping. For only $499, this service allows your order to be prioritized at the top of the queue for review and issuance and shipped through the fastest available method. Head over to this page to read the instructions on how you can place your order for expedited processing and shipping.

Document Signing certificates ordered from SSL.com come with the option of being pre-installed in a Hardware Secure Module (HSM) like a YubiKey FIPS. You can include the number of tokens you require when ordering your certificate and before completing the validation process by using the interface on your SSL.com account. Click this how-to article to guide you through this easy process.

Why choose Business Identity Certificates?

Digital Signatures for Nonrepudiation of Email and Electronic Documents

Works with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, and Microsoft Office

Sign an Unlimited Number of Documents and Email Messages

Certificate Displays Verified Name, Organization, and Email Address

Helps Prevent Email Tampering and Phishing Emails

Uses Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Protocol

Encrypted Emails Using Highest Strength

RSA and ECC Supported

Mutual SSL/TLS Client Authentication Capable

Secure YubiKey FIPS Token with Two-Factor Authentication

30 Day Unconditional Refund

The Business Identity Certificate from SSL.com is the perfect way to digitally sign documents, protect your emails from hackers or phishers, and securely sign in to workstations and websites. Increase trust and acceptance for email and documents sent from your organization with your validated name and company information combined with your email address.

Get Business Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing Certificate

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