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SSL.com Joins Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)

Digitally Certify and Sign PDFs

SSL.com, a public certificate authority (CA) and voting member of the CA/Browser forum, is pleased to announce that it has been added to the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). The AATL is comprised of CAs that meet Adobe’s stringent assurance and technical standards for issuing document signing certificates for use with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, and other Adobe products.
Approved Trust List Member

Our Business Email, ClientAuth, and Document Signing Certificates can now be used to digitally sign and certify PDF documents with secure digital signatures that are automatically trusted in Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, and other Adobe products. These signatures will assure recipients that:

  • You are the authentic signer of the PDF.
  • The content of the PDF has not been altered since it was signed. (Approval signatures, form fill-ins, and annotations may optionally be permitted when certifying a PDF.)

These digital signatures have the same legal status as handwritten signatures in the United States, European Union, and many other nations. Since signing is done digitally, document management is much simpler – no more printing PDFs, signing them in ink, and scanning them. Signing of large numbers of documents can be streamlined and automated.

Unlike some competitors’ document signing certificates, SSL.com’s Business certificates can be used to sign an unlimited number of documents while valid. These versatile certificates, which are delivered on a secure YubiKey FIPS hardware token, can also be used for signing Microsoft Office documents, S/MIME email signing, client authentication, and single sign-on. Watch our website in the coming days and weeks for useful guides and tutorials covering Adobe document signing and using your YubiKey.

Questions? Contact us by email at Support@SSL.com, by phone at 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just click the chat link at the bottom right of this screen.

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