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There are four steps involved in procuring and installing a digital security certificate from SSL.com.

Purchase Your SSL Certificate

The first step is to purchase an SSL certificate. SSL.com offers a wide variety of SSL certificates to suit any need – this article from our knowledgebase will help explain what each different type of certificate can do for you. To purchase the right SSL solution for you, you can log into your SSL.com account if you already have one, or just click here to get started.

Note that certificates may be purchased for multiple years, and purchasing multiple certificates may qualify you for a volume discount – just contact us at SSL.com for more information.

An SSL.com account is created for you automatically when you make a purchase on SSL.com. Any SSL certificates you have purchased can be managed through your SSL.com account. Your purchases will appear as unused credits in your SSL.com account until you have submitted your CSR (these credits never expire and can be used on demand).

Generate and Submit your CSR

Each certificate requires a CSR – this will contain the information to uniquely identify and protect your site. SSL.com customers hosting on a Windows server can generate a CSR using our handy SSL Manager tool. Other server environments will have their own method for generating a CSR, but most are pretty straightforward and all will result in the CSR itself, saved as a downloadable text file.

Detailed CSR generation instructions for most web servers can be found in our SSL.com Knowledge Base.

To submit your CSR to SSL.com, just follow the instructions in this article.

Validate your request

When you have submitted your CSR, you will need to verify your request by validating that you control the domain the certificate will protect. Depending on the method you use, you will either need to reply to a validation email or place a verification file on your website before your certificate can be created.

You will be notified by email when your certificate is ready for download and installation.

Higher-trust Extended Validation (EV) certificates will also have additional, more extensive requirements, as outlined here. SSL.com customers ordering EV certificates will immediately receive a standard Basic certificate after going through the standard validation process, with the EV certificate following when the additional verification is completed.

Install your SSL.com certificate on your server

Your SSL certificate can be delivered to you via email or downloaded from your SSL.com account. You can then install your certificate on your web server. Detailed installation instructions for most web server environments can be found in our SSL.com Knowledge Base.

Feel free to contact us at SSL.com if you have any questions regarding ordering, validating or installing your SSL.com certificate. You can email our support team at Support@SSL.com, call 1-877-SSL-SECURE, or just use the chat link at the bottom of this page.

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