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eSigner Pricing for Document Signing

eSigner signing credentials can be used in API automation (i.e. workflow processes for document signing) or on the eSigner Express web app. They can share the same certificate as other signing credentials, or they can individually access their own certificate for signing operations.

Apply trusted digital signatures from anywhere with eSigner cloud cloud signing.


There is no cost to use eSigner for the initial 30 days.

eSigner Subscription Pricing Tiers for Document Signing

For all certificate types, the first 30 days includes unlimited signings and signing credentials at no cost.

Document Signing (IV, OV, and IV+OV)

      Monthly Subscription   Annual Subscription (25% discount)  
Tier Signing Credentials † Signings Cost Signings Cost Additional Signings (each)
1 1 20 $20.00 240 $180.00 ($15/mo) $1.00
2 5 100 $85.00 1,200 $765.00 ($63.75/mo) $0.85
3 9 300 $175.00 3,600 $1,575.00 ($131.25/mo) $0.58
4 13 1,000 $250.00 12,000 $2,250.00 ($187.50/mo) $0.25

For document signing volumes above 1,000 per month, please contact SSL.com’s enterprise sales team at Sales@SSL.com.

  • Overages will be charged at the Addition Signings rate corresponding to the customer’s current pricing tier (i.e. Customers at Tier 4 for Document Signing will be charged at $.25/signature for each signature beyond their allotted number of signings)
  • Re-enrollment upon cancellation available for a $150 fee

† Additional document signing credentials are priced at $20.00 per month in all tiers.


Use eSigner’s trusted Document Signing service for your document signing needs.


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