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eSigner: Remote Cloud Code Signing with Azure DevOps

SSL.com’s eSigner – Azure DevOps remote cloud code signing integration enables developers and software publishers to sign their applications, secure their brand, and protect customers in the most convenient, versatile, scalable, and powerful way while complying with the highest security standards of the industry. With our EV Code Signing certificates already offering the highest level of authentication and security for software applications, we have taken our service a step higher with eSigner. While other companies only provide the option of storing your private key on an external hardware, SSL.com’s eSigner allows you to conveniently add digital signatures to your code from anywhere, with no additional need for USB tokens or your own cloud HSM.

Part of the eSigner toolkit is CodeSignTool: a secure command line utility that is ideal for performing remote code signing in various CI/CD environments including Azure DevOps. It can be used across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, and is especially useful for signing sensitive files since only the hashes of the files are sent to SSL.com for signing, instead of the code itself.

SSL.com provides the highest level of validation with Extended Validation Code Signing certificates.


Benefits of Remote Cloud Code Signing with eSigner and Azure DevOps

Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) cloud signing standard compatible.

Software publishers and service providers can use eSigner to offer digital signing capabilities to their customers.

EV code signatures are trusted by Microsoft Authenticode and offer Windows kernel-mode driver signing and instant SmartScreen reputation.

Automated code signing with SSL.com’s eSigner provides a protected and centrally-managed environment for securing your software components, private keys, credentials, and signing records.

Software engineers and managers can focus more on their primary role of developing programs without having to worry about code compromise.

SSL.com provides the highest level of validation with Extended Validation Code Signing certificates.


How can you integrate eSigner with Azure DevOps?

  1. Software developers who wish to try our cloud-based EV code signing need to purchase our EV Code Signing certificates
  2. Please read Remote EV Code Signing with eSigner for information on enrollment and use.
  3. After enrolling your EV code signing certificate to eSigner, head over to our eSigner-Azure DevOps integration guide.

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