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Reminder Alerts for Expiring Certificates

Don’t let expired certificates bring your sites down. Stay on top of changes to any certificate status with alerts from SSL.com Notification Groups. With SSL.com Notification Groups, you can set up customizable website scans for any domain to detect when an SSL/TLS certificate is expiring or improperly installed. Get notified via email or account alerts when a change in certificate status (such as certificate installation, removal, replacement, or name mismatch) occurs. Simply click the “Monitoring” tab in your SSL.com account to get started

With SSL.com Notification Groups you can:
  • Add certificate orders or individual domains to SSL.com Notification Groups
  • Add one or more recipients to receive reminder alerts
  • All certificates are scanned and alerts are sent regardless of CA or certificate issuer
  • Set custom scheduling for scans such as weekly, daily, hourly or even by the minute
Domains listed on any active SSL.com issued certificate come with daily scans at no cost. Each additional scan is $0.01. For domains not listed on any active SSL.com issued certificate, scans are priced at $0.05 each.

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