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Compare SSL.com Code Signing Certificates

Sign Windows 10 Drivers
Sign pre-Windows-10 Drivers
Instant Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation
Two-factor Authentication with USB Token
Available to Individuals Without a Registered Business
Trusted on Major Software Platforms
eSigner Cloud Signing Available
Code Signing
$64.50 to $129.00/yr
EV Code Signing
$249.00 to $349/yr

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

A code signing certificate is a digital certificate that provides strong proof of identity of a software publisher and is obtainable from a reputable Certificate Authority (CA) like SSL.com. Software companies often use code signing certificates to provide proof that they are the developers of an application. 

Code signing certificates are a highly essential security feature during this time of online commerce when software is being increasingly distributed, sold, and downloaded online. 

Digitally signing your code with trusted SSL.com certificates lets users and operating systems know that your software is authentic and safe to install.

SSL.com provides both standard (OV/IV) code signing certificates and extended validation (EV) code signing certificates. Read the next two sections to find out which type of certificate you should purchase.

What are the Standard Features of SSL.com’s Code Signing Certificates?

Helps avoid security warnings for your software installer

When your customer’s computer flags your software as untrusted due to absence of a trusted security certificate, it reflects poorly on your work. Even if your app or program does not contain malware, the security warning will give the end user cause for concern. SSL.com’s code signing certificates will help you avoid this problem by indicating that your software is fully safe to be downloaded.

Verifies your identity as the software publisher

A code signing certificate allows your company name to be displayed on the installer screen, along with words that your identity as the software publisher has been verified by a trusted Certificate Authority. This increases your trust signals and ensures a smoother experience for the consumers of your product.

Shields your software from tampering and malware infection

When you sign your code, an encrypted digest, or hash, of the file's contents is calculated and included with the signature. An operating system can re-calculate and verify the hash, assuring users that no changes have been made to the code since signing.

What are the Added Advantages to An EV Code Signing Certificate?

Ability to sign both pre-Windows 10 and Windows 10 Drivers

OV/IV code signing certificates can only sign pre-Windows 10 software drivers but EV Code Signing Certificates have the ability to sign drivers that are designed for Windows 10. This feature enables you to cover a wider range of users.

Instant Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation

Smartscreen is a component found in Microsoft operating systems and browsers that displays warnings when a user is downloading applications that it does not trust. SSL.com’s EV Code Signing Certificate is fully trusted by Microsoft and allows your customers to not be burdened with a Smartscreen warning.

Two-factor authentication with USB token

Upon ordering an EV Code Signing Certificate, you will receive a USB authentication device which securely stores your private key. This USB device adds anti-tampering protection to your software because only those individuals who have actual possession of it will be allowed to digitally sign a code to your applications or programs.

Non-expiration of signature and time stamping

An EV Code Signing certificate provides the option to timestamp your code when you sign it. The timestamp enables the code to be trusted even after the certificate expires.

Ability to Sign on the Cloud using eSigner

If you want more convenience, you have the option to enroll your EV Code Signing certificate in SSL.com’s eSigner cloud signing service. This allows secure EV code signing from any internet-connected device, simplified team-based signing, and CI/CD automation.

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For more information on choosing a code signing certificate, please read

Which Code Signing Certificate do I Need? EV or OV?

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