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Job Listing: Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer

Are you interested in helping shape the security of the Internet we all depend on? Are you interested in learning about or contributing to new security policies months or years before being used in every browser?  We are looking to add a Ruby on Rails Developer to our growing team. We are located in the Upper Kirby area just a few minutes from I-45. The digital certificate products in our suite of services include SSL/TLS, smime/email, code and document/object signing, client authentication, and IoT. SSL.com is a voting member of the CA/Browser Forum and the Cloud Signature Consortium and as a result every team member at SSL.com is valued and provides a positive impact on Internet security in general. We regularly interact with the titans of the Internet such as Google, Amazon, Mozilla, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc..

Skills we are looking for include:

  • Experience with Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0+
  • 3+ years of Ruby on Rails experience
  • JavaScript experience
  • The ability to work well with other developers
  • Experience calling REST API’s
  • Experience with Tailwind
  • UI/UX experience

You will have the opportunity to participate in code reviews with other developers on the team. Your opinion matters at SSL and you will have a voice in the technical direction we take.

Skills that would be good to have would include:

·        Agile experience
·        Test Driven Development experience
·        Authentication and Authorization coding experience
·        Experience working with new versions of Rails such as 5.0 or 6.0
·        GitHub experience   

Education requirements include:

·        Computer Science Degree or the equal amount of development experience


SSL.com provides an equal opportunity for employment across the globe. We welcome diversity and create an inclusive environment that protects employees from any discrimination in our amazing company.

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