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Discover the Benefits of the SSL.com Affiliate Program

The SSL.com Affiliate Program is the easiest way to partner with SSL.com and earn income from our publicly trusted certificates and cloud signing services. The SSL.com affiliate program offers a unique opportunity to earn substantial commissions by leveraging your audience and promoting our industry-leading SSL certificates. With no technical knowledge required and a simple sign-up process, you can quickly start generating revenue. Our program provides:

  • Effortless client management for hassle-free cert administration

  • Continuous income stream that extends beyond the initial referral

  • Generous commission rates reaching up to 25%

  • Instant $25 account credit upon successful signup

Seamless Integration and Tracking

Upon joining our affiliate program, you will receive a comprehensive set of banners and links to strategically place in advertising positions on your website, marketing emails, whitepapers or other channels. When visitors click through they will be directed to SSL.com. Their purchase activity will be tracked by our advanced affiliate software, and you earn credit for the sale! Your commission will be determined based on your designated commission type and products purchased.

Comprehensive Reporting at Your Fingertips

Our platform offers 24/7 access to your affiliate dashboard, empowering you to monitor your performance in real-time. Gain valuable insights into:

  • Sales volumes and trends

  • Traffic generation and sources

  • Account balance and earnings

  • Banner effectiveness and optimization

Leverage our reporting tools to track your progress, identify growth opportunities, and maximize your earning potential with the SSL.com Affiliate Program.



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