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eSigner EVCS: Cloud Code Signing

eSigner EVCS: Cloud Code Signing

SSL.com’s eSigner EVCS: Cloud Code Signing enables developers and software publishers to sign their applications, secure their brand, and protect customers in the most convenient, versatile, scalable, and powerful way while complying with the highest security standards of the industry. With our EV Code Signing certificates already offering the highest level of authentication and security for software applications, we have taken our service a step higher with eSigner. While other companies only provide the option of storing your private key on an external hardware, SSL.com’s eSigner allows you to conveniently add digital signatures to your code from anywhere, with no additional need for USB tokens or your own cloud HSM. As well, eSigner CKA allows tools such as SignTool.exe or Certutil.exe to use eSigner CSC for EV code signing operations.

SSL.com provides the highest level of validation with Extended Validation Code Signing certificates. 


What is an EV Code Signing Certificate with eSigner?

Cloud-based EV code signing has become a necessity for many software developers. With today’s increased reliance on remote work and asynchronous cooperation, a fast and reliable tool for remote EV code signing that also facilitates team sharing is an essential tool for any developer or software publisher . Additionally, with the continued proliferation of fake software victimizing unknowing buyers on the internet, there is a greater need for publishers to securely sign their applications to protect their customers and their brand.

Comparing eSigner cloud signing service with other ways to sign code

  1. USB tokensThis portable method is currently the most common for EV code signing certificates. However, it can be quite expensive for an organization to purchase multiple USB tokens. Additionally, these tokens can be stolen or lost, creating security gaps with a potentially high risk of compromise, along with the high cost of replacement.
  2. Networked HSM – This method offers security standards of the same high level as the physical devices since the private keys are not exportable from the HSM. This method is also easily scalable to incorporate new members of an organization and/or replace digital certificates in case of lost credentials. On the other hand, implementing this method may require additional expense and expertise, since it requires a certain level of familiarity with the technology.
  3. eSigner – As a modern approach to code signing as a service, SSL.com handles both the public key infrastructure (PKI) and HSMs for code signing. The non-exportable signing keys are stored in eSigner’s HSMs, where SSL.com cannot view them, ensuring high security. eSigner also makes sharing code signing certificates between teammates easy and secure. This feature of eSigner allows for globally dispersed teams to work quickly and asynchronously, without compromising the organization’s security.

Benefits of EVCS: Cloud Code Signing with eSigner

Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC)cloud signing standard compatible.

Businesses and other organizations can integrate eSigner with their code signing workflows (including CI/CD).

API, GUI, and command-line tools:

  • eSigner CSC API can be used to power front-end code signing applications.

  • eSigner Express GUI web application for code signing.

  • CodeSignTool command-line tool for code signing on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • Software publishers and service providers can use eSigner to offer digital signing capabilities to their customers.

    Universally trusted digital signatures:

  • Document signatures trusted by Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.

  • EV code signatures trusted by Microsoft Authenticode and offer Windows kernel-mode driver signing and instant SmartScreen reputation.

  • EV Code Signing Options with eSigner

    eSigner Express:

    eSigner Express is a web-based GUI app and makes code signing extremely easy through dragging and dropping of code files.


    CodeSignTool is a command-line utility for EV code signing certificates that can be used across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is especially useful for signing sensitive files since only the hashes of the files are sent to SSL.com for signing, instead of the code itself. CodeSignTool is also ideal for creating automated processes, such as the signing of multiple files in batches or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline workflows.


    SSL.com’s enterprise customers can access the same Cloud Signing Consortium (CSC) and Code Signing APIs that power eSigner Express and CodeSignTool for the development of their own front-end code signing apps.

    How can you use EV Code Signing on eSigner?

    1. Software developers who wish to try our cloud-based EV code signing need to purchase EVCS certificates
    2. Please read Remote EV Code Signing with eSigner for information on enrollment and use.
    3. Head over to the eSigner FAQ page to get more helpful information.



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